• Governance

  • Founders’ Circle

    James C. Brady
    Mill House Associates

    Raymond G. Chambers
    The MCJ Amelior Foundation

    Edward Franz
    Camp Director

    E.J. Foley

    Board of Trustees

    James C. Brady III
    Brady Realty Company

    Kathy M. Cree
    Greater Newark LifeCamp

    Robert Druskin
    Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, Stop!t Riverwood Capital

    Michael Farrell

    Jennifer Fournier

    Christine Chambers Gilfillan*
    MCJ Amelior Foundation

    Fiona Laird

    Marshall McLean
    US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

    Mary Beth O’Connor
    Lucky viii Films

    Michael Ranger*
    Diamond Capital Holdings

    Anthony Romano
    Kotumba Capital Management, LLC

    Kendell Sprott
    Matheny Medical and Educational Center

    Paul Sylvester

    Curt Viebranz