• LifeCamp People

  • Caleb Moten

    Years at LifeCamp: 6

    Current Role: Physical Education

    Caleb loves the community that surrounds LifeCamp. He has been coming since his freshman year of high school. 

    “The best thing about LifeCamp is the people that you meet, the friendships that you build. From the first summer here, you get closer every year. You have all these memories here and funny moments that happen. Six weeks feels like a short time but in those six weeks you make a lot of memories with your friends and do a lot of things you weren't exposed to from where you grew up. … Working at Lifecamp made me realize why I wanted to become a teacher. I enjoy being around kids which makes working here a fun experience.”

    Caleb graduated Morristown Beard School and currently attends Montclair State University. He is a physical education major and plans on becoming a teacher.

  • Asia Harris

    Years at LifeCamp: 5

    Current Role: Specialist, Science

    Asia Harris understands that it is all in the family at LifeCamp. She is the daughter of our Camp Director, Marc Harris. Asia attended Carteret High School when she first started volunteering at LifeCamp five years ago.

    “I think the best thing about life camp is the family atmosphere. Everybody showing so much love and it truly feels like a family when you're here. … Campers learn skills here, but actually they learn more about themselves. A lot of the kids are so nervous on their first day. They don't know anybody, and they're just worried. But once they get here, everybody is so friendly and they make so many friends and they start coming up out of their shells and then they start to see who they really are here.”

    Asia attends Rutger’s University and is a history major with a minor in education. She plans to be a teacher.

  • Jamaal Smith

    Years at Life Camp: 14

    Current Role: Specialist, Computers

    August 21, 2023

    Jamaal Smith was a high school freshman when our late Camp Director, Eddie Franz, hired him as a counselor. Fourteen seasons later, he teaches computer skills to campers.

    “This camp means so much to so many people, especially me. And don't mind me if I get a little emotional, but Eddie Franz really had a very, very big impact on my life. … I was going down the wrong path in life. … I don't know what I would be doing, or would if we be able to have this conversation, if Eddie Franz didn't give me a job here in summer 2009.”

    Jamaal played professional basketball in Spain, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. Today, he teaches computer video game design and coding at Newark’s West Side High School.

  • Sydney Spero

    Years at LifeCamp: 6

    Current Role: Specialist, Drama

    August 7, 2023

    Sydney Spero started as a junior counselor and now is a specialist teaching drama. She believes drama helps campers gain confidence and skill in speaking in front of others.

    “It does more for me than it does for the campers. I feel like sometimes, it changes me more than I can see a change in them. … It just changed the way I look at situations and I look at people. It's made me so much more compassionate and it's helped me decide what I want to major in.”

    Sydney is a student at High Point University, where she is studying business. She hopes to use her skills in the non-profit sector to increase access to educational opportunities like LifeCamp.

  • Malik Salaam

    Years at Life Camp: 9

    Current Role: Junior Counselor

    July 2023

    Malik Salaam started as a camper when he was six years old. He will graduate from Kipp Lab High School in Newark in 2026.

    As a junior counselor, Malik’s enthusiasm brings out the best in his campers. They admire and respect him and have fun following his leadership at camp.

    “LifeCamp brings so much joy,” Malik said. “Getting to see a kid learn to ride a bike brings me joy because I taught that kid something that they can do for the rest of their lives. That is a crucial moment in their lives, because where I come from, it has its dangers. In Newark, you can be shot, killed, jumped or robbed of your bike if you ride in the wrong neighborhood. Here it is tranquil, there are no sirens, buses or loud cars, it is peaceful. All you have to deal with is yourself and your campers.”

    Malik is interested in a career in music. He is a dedicated percussionist in his marching band.