• Why Choose LifeCamp?

  • Throughout LifeCamp’s ninety acres are miles of hiking trails, numerous playing fields, an Olympic size swimming pool and indoor facilities to serve our every need. The Black River, a source of constant activity, flows through the property.

    Our most valuable resources, however, are the smiling faces and the laughter of the children whom we bring to LifeCamp each summer day.

    Whether swimming, reading, writing for the camp online newspaper, or experiencing the joys of biking and campfires, our campers are allowed to be children - happy, spontaneous, and free from the burdens of the inner city.

    LifeCamp is much more than a summer experience. As children learn to respect nature and understand their new environment, they also learn important lessons about self-respect and respect for others. Children gain a sense of accomplishment from their participation in camp activities, and they leave camp each day feeling good about themselves.

    LifeCamp forms lasting memories, memories that sustain and nurture our youngsters as they meet the challenges of young adulthood.

    Through LifeCamp we reach the kids of Newark in time to make a difference, and in time to help them dream with a sense of opportunity and hope.

    A sampling of activities would include swimming, arts and crafts, recording studio, computers, biking, dance, drama, mind games, reading, nature, project use, physical education, and values. The possibilities are as varied as a child’s imagination.