• What our Kids Say & Do

  • LifeCamp is LifeChanging

    Be prepared to be surprised! No day at LifeCamp is exactly the same, but every day is filled with fun, friends, and opportunity. Our goal for each camper is to give you space to grow, play, and learn.

    LEARN to swim, to ride a bike, to paint, to play soccer, and to make good decisions.

    MAKE new friends.

    TRY new things.

    We have 90 beautiful acres that are set aside just to provide opportunity for you. You will be surprised by how much you learn here, how much fun you have, and how many friends you will make this summer.

    Quite simply, a summer at LifeCamp is life changing.

    Camper’s Schedule

    Campers’ schedules depend on individual interests, so yours may look completely different from this one. But this sample schedule shows how a typical camper might spend time.

    To view a sample schedule click here.