• What the Kids Say & Do

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    What is it about LifeCamp that keeps campers and counselors coming back year after year?

    Camper Sincere Murray found out:

    “I love it. The children are great.”
    — Huon, Drama Specialist, 7 years

    “I like having fun with the children.  They bring joy to my heart.”
    Amanda, Camper 6 years & counselor 4 years

    “The kids keep me coming back and I feel at home here.”
    Tamika, Counselor 16 years

    “I love interacting with the children.  It’s fun.”
    Shana, camper 3 years & counselor 11 years

    “I like meeting new people.”
    Amir, Camper 8 years & counselor 2 years

    “I have a lot of fun and it gives me something positive to do in the summer.”
    Ivory, Camper 3 years

    “The children are fun to work with.”
    Brandon, Counselor 6 years

    “I have fun and I meet new friends.”
    Jasmina, Camper 4 years

    “It’s fun.  I go in the pool, eat lunch and go to the library.”

    Ibn, Camper 4 years

    “I like to read and swim.”
    Laila, Camper 2 years

    “The people are fun to be around.  I like being in the country with everyone.”
    Mr. Franz, Camp Director 24 years

    “The children are active and good listeners.”
    Eutsey, Project Adventure Specialilst 5 years

    “I love the kids and this is my family.”
    Fatima, Camper 8 years & Counselor 12 years