• Journalism

  • Miss Franz, LifeCamp Reading Specialist, will work with campers this July, during our virtual camp season, to publish our online newspaper, The LifeCamp Times. Campers participating in LifeCamp Times are encouraged (but not required) to submit a breaking news story about any topic of their choice to Miss Franz by Friday of Weeks 2, 3 and 4 of Virtual LifeCamp. Articles will be “published” (AKA “posted”) on theLifeCamp Times Section of the camp  website Monday, July 13Monday, July 20and Monday, July 27. Your child may wish to submit two articles out of the three weeks Miss Franz is accepting them – and that is okay! They may use the extra time to draft and edit an article, using the lessons Miss Franz will post in Weeks 1 and 2 to guide their writing process!

    • Four lessons will be posted on our YouTube channel and linked to our website for news reporters to follow. The lessons are designed to help them create and edit their pieces. The first two lessons will be posted Week 1. The second set of lessons will be posted Week 2.
    • Office hours will be available every Wednesday for all four weeks, from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM. If granted permission from a parent/guardian campers can log on (they may choose to keep their camera’s off) to get drafting or editing help from Miss Franz.
    • No lessons will be posted Weeks 3 and 4. But campers can still log into office hours during these weeks (Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30) for help. If the office hour time does not work for your child, they may reach out by email to request editing help kfranz95@gmail.com

    This program is limited to 30 writers/campers on the LifeCamp journalism staff. Campers should have completed grade 6 or higher, and have an interest in writing. The writers  can, but are not required to include an image they (or a family member/friend) took or drew to accompany their article. 

    Before you register, please note that each child must have their own account in our system. If you created an account in the past in your (child’s) name, please use that account again. You must register each child(ren) with their own account. Please email kathy@greaternewarklifecamp.org if you have any questions about the process. 

    There is no fee for this program. 

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