• Kathy Cree, Executive Director

  • By any standard, LifeCamp is a first-class experience. The programs and the people are great and they deliver a solid product.  But the coolest part about LifeCamp is the space (90 beautiful acres) in which they do it. 

    I have been at LifeCamp since 2014, and it has been uplifting and exciting to be a part of serving and preparing our youth. These are the same kids to whom we will be turning over our economy – bringing along the next generation.  Kids, family, and opportunity are the things I care about. It is what motivates me.

    LifeCamp IS a family – a multigenerational family. When kids age out as campers, they often return to take on volunteer and specialist roles. They learn to give back. The LifeCamp serves the campers, but the effect has a trickle-down impact to the families. As a parent of two volunteer kids, one who came back for six summers, I saw it for myself. 

    Years ago, working for Stanley Kaplan Test Prep put me in contact with hundreds of schools. It taught me about how important it is to make learning opportunities accessible to all children. I believe it set me up for what I now do at LifeCamp. My goal is to see a LifeCamp model outside every urban area.