• Mark Mason, Aquatics Director

  • Throughout my career, I have worked with youth of all ages and backgrounds. With a degree in Business from the University of South Carolina, I began at Kiawah Island Club as Director of the Youth and Aquatics programs. Along with other management duties, I set up an activities-based Kids Camp that continues today. My wife and I relocated to New York in 2014. With a Master’s degree from LIU-Brooklyn, I was able to branch out as a Special Education teacher at the Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce.

    Since 2019, I have been a business and special education teacher at West Side High School in Newark. I also serve as advisor for the West Side Avenue Business Club (an entrepreneurship program) and as varsity golf coach.

    The common denominator, and my favorite part of all this, is the purposeful way I get to be connected with kids and watch them grow. I thrive on their energy and curiosity.

    My wife and I now live in Bernardsville, near family, which feels appropriate as I look forward to summer at LifeCamp. I can’t wait.