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  • Daily Thoughts On Missing My Dog

    by Nadir Simmons
    Edited by Kathryn Franz

    I have nine dogs in Florida. Their names are Debo, Koko, Tiger, Tiny, Sugar, Princess, D.O.G., Star, and Barny--they are my babies. Six have homes three don’t have homes. 

    I love these dogs because they remind me of Cloud--my old dog. I yelled at my dad about it recently, because it still hurts when I think of Cloud. Dad told me why they got rid of him, but this doesn't take away the sadness I feel. 
    Cloud is still with me in my heart, but it’s too hard to let go of the bond we had. Our bond was very strong. I remember I could not go to school without being forced to, because I didn't want to leave him for so long. I would take naps with him. 
    I feel like he is next to me, and in my eyes I see him. In the house I feel him, but it is not real--it is only a memory of him. I hope he’s okay, because he deserves the best life possible. If I could, I would hunt down the person who has him now, to make sure they treat him well (and insist they give him a frozen peanut butter ball!)
    I miss him every day. Even though he bit my finger once, I still forgive him because I love him. He was the best gift I ever had. I don’t want anybody to see him as a bad dog--he’s a good dog. Always have been, always will. If he were ever to fight, it's only so he can protect you.
    Sometimes to feel better, I go across the street to feed Bentley and his brothers. Bentley barks a lot, but when you're in the gate he shuts up. It’s funny how he’s "big and bad" barking at dogs and people outside the gate, but when he has to fight a dog (that isn't one of his two sons) he runs away. I love him even when he bite me on the neck like a big dog. He’s so small he can't hurt anyone. 
    It was fun with Cloud while it lasted. Now I have all these other dogs in my life to help fill in that space Cloud left. His love and their love work together to fill the hole in my chest so I feel whole again.